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About Us
Entire ecosystem that opens the world of crypto


Bring the the blockchain industry segment in the LATAM region to a higher level of awareness and expertise, both user and professional


Building the blockchain industry as a professional ecosystem of the LATAM region to bring cryptocurrency to the state level

Patex Values

About Patex Ecosystem

The educational material and tools provided by the platform allow you to apply your skills or develop them further.

About Patex Ecosystem

The opportunity for anyone interested to obtain what is necessary for development in the blockchain industry.

About Patex Ecosystem

The drive to constantly strive for better and the understanding that knowledge, functionality, and personal growth can always be improved.

PATEX Ecosystem Products

Patex Network

a layer 2 blockchain that enables the issuance and tracking of Central Bank Digital Currencies and other crypto

About Patex Ecosystem

C-Patex Exchange

a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows to regulate, manage and launch CBDC and crypto

About Patex Ecosystem

Proof of Value

а community reward system by which users get rewarded for the transaction activity recorded in the block

About Patex Ecosystem

Patex Wallet

non-custodial cross-chain crypto wallet to hold, send and receive crypto in Patex and other networks

About Patex Ecosystem

Patex Campus

educational platform to get acquainted with the world of Web3 and get a profession in it

About Patex Ecosystem

PoV Validators

a reward system paid in ETH from transaction fees for the Patex Network validators

About Patex Ecosystem

Patex On Bridge

a solution that allows cross-chain swaps between the Patex and other networks

About Patex Ecosystem

Patex Explorer

analytics platform to keep track of assets, contracts, balances and transactions for the transparency

About Patex Ecosystem

Patex Hackathon

online competition for blockchain developers aiming at scalability and identifying vulnerabilities of the Patex Network

About Patex Ecosystem